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Aussie game developer Auran goes bust.
GamesSad news today, with word that Auran, makes of such games as Dark Reign have been placed into liquidation. Auran was working on a MMO named Fury, which it spent the last 3 years and $15 million developing. The game will now be offered for free.

Around 80% of Auran employees have now lost their jobs.

Read more here.
oodLes on December 14 2007 04:15:31 · 16 Comments · 1947 Reads · Print
Half-Life 3 confirmed
GamesCaught from Digg.
It appears that in an interview with StuffWeLike.com Doug Lombardi, everyones favourite PR man, has revealed that Half-Life 3 will be coming...well not in as many words. Click read more to read the full story!
qube on December 14 2007 02:56:37
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Back at work, bored already, so heres some news!
NewsAnd now its time for the newz!
And I saw "newz" coz that is 1337, just like w00t.
As w00t has been crowned "Word of the Year" by Websters dictionary.

Ever wondered what Crysis would look like with Tri-SLI 8800's would look like?
I know it keeps me up at night.
But no longer!
PC Games Hardware have done it at last.
And DAMN, it looks nice.

In more gaming related news, The Commodore Turns 25! Wasn't it fantastic all that time ago, when you come home from school, booted up that C64. Wait... I'm 22. I was at least 6 when I had one... those cheap ass parents bought me a 9 year old games system!!!
FOR SHAME!!!!.... Still... good times.

For those colletors amongst us, check out this collection of eBay auctions.
Wouldn't mind the BFG and Optimus Prime!

And last of all, a video of cool Pool Tricks from Video Sift.
This guy would make alot of money at bars.
LDM on December 13 2007 01:52:44
18 Comments · 2071 Reads · Print
Valve releases map, player statistics
Team Fortress 2 NewsValve has released comprehensive stats on all weapons, characters, maps and even death maps for TF2. Looks like the rocket launcher and the knife of all things do a lot of damage.
oodLes on December 10 2007 05:47:18
17 Comments · 1906 Reads · Print
Dual core CELERONS not far off?
Hardware"Intel will release its first desktop dual-core Celeron series, E1000, on January 20, according to sources at motherboard makers.

The first dual-core Celeron processor, the E1200, will have core frequency of 1.6GHz, 800MHz FSB and 512KB L2 cache with a price of US$53 in thousand-unit quantities."

From Digitimes
oodLes on December 08 2007 03:44:41
17 Comments · 1993 Reads · Print
ASUS equips 8800GT's with 1gb of memory
HardwareASUS has gone one better than the rest with its new 8800GT's, adding a version with 1gb of ram onboard.

The card also uses a custom ASUS heatsink & fan which ASUS says will drop the cards temperature by at least 7*C. To match the new cooling, a new overclocking program accompanies the card within which you can adjust the shader clockspeed, useful for those after high benchmark scores. The card comes with dual DVI outputs supporting up to 30" displays.
oodLes on December 08 2007 03:35:54
20 Comments · 2075 Reads · Print
The OLED TV has arrived.
HardwareSony's new OLED Tv has been unboxed over on TVSnob.

A 3mm thick display with a 1000000:1 contrast ratio? Yeah, I'll take one.

Edit: a ton more pictures and details can be found here.
oodLes on December 05 2007 06:56:33
19 Comments · 2277 Reads · Print
Robot fight!
NewsThe 12th Robot fighting championship happened recently in Tokyo, Japan, where it isn't just an annoying spinning disc with objects stuck on it. These robots have to be able to swing punches, dodge blows, and get back up when knocked down from said blows whilst on 2 feet.

Apparently, major innovations happen roughly once every 6 months, making advancement incredibly fast.

oodLes on December 05 2007 06:48:52
19 Comments · 2524 Reads · Print
Blizzard & Activision make love
When two become one.

The BBC reports that Blizzard and Activision have announced an $18.8bn merger. Activision's CEO, Bobby Kotick, will become the head of the joint company, while Vivendi, Blizzard's current parent company, will become the largest single investor in the new group. Even with the size of the merger, the combined company will still be smaller than the industry giant EA. 'As part of the merger plan, Blizzard will invest $2bn in the new company, while Activision is putting up $1bn. The merged business will be called Activision Blizzard and its chief executive will be Activision's current CEO Bobby Kotick. Vivendi will be the biggest shareholder in the group.

Read more to see full article.
Eradicator on December 03 2007 04:35:41
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Small Update
GamesTo further the news about Race Driver: GRID here is a link to a few pictures.
Sure looks sexy.

Better than Pro Street?
LDM on November 30 2007 06:42:05
23 Comments · 2159 Reads · Print
The news at 8:47am
NewsIn gaming related news, we may all rejoice, as the team that made Colin McRae DiRT, brings up Race Driver: GRID. (I was hoping for a small I, but no luck).
This next game, due out mid next year, is all about the race. Circuit AND Drift.
Taking place all around the globe, you spend more time in sexy looking cars barreling around sexy looking tracks that you will in the menu's, which is a step back from the Colin McRae games, where tuning the car was sometimes essential to a good lap time.
It will be running on DiRT Engine 2, so its going to look like awesome chips dipped in pwnsauce.
Its possible also that since the team involved used to make the Colin McRae games, that due to his death, there might not be any more.

And in wacky cool news, some dude has wasted his life!
Nathan Sawaya, a 33 year old ex-lawyer is now a Lego Artist, and one of his exhibitions is on tour in the US.
The link below shows off some of his art, including something smiler to reverse-goatse, and also my personal favorite, the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima.
Check it out here!
Although it must be said, the wacky looking town on a pedestal is awesome as well.
LDM on November 29 2007 23:53:20
20 Comments · 1937 Reads · Print
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