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Rail Guns FTW!
NewsBAE Systems famous for making many military vehicles and weapons systems has released news that it has reached a milestone in it's rail gun development for the US navy.

Previously the best rail gun developed was around 8 megajoules which was capable of firing shells at Mach 7! Recently BAE delivered a functional prototype of its 32 megajoule railgun to the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren, Va. and is currently being installed at the center, where they (the Navy) intend to install capacitors to power the thing. Why does it need capacitors you ask? Well it needs 3 Million Amps to fire!

One challenge is that the destructive force and mechanics of the device can easily damage the gun in its current state. A few shots can dislodge the rails or even damage the gun barrel.

BAE sees the 32-megajoule cannon as a key milestone in its goal of deploying a 64-megajoule cannon, on ship, within 13 years or less. Such a cannon would be able to fire at speeds in excess of Mach 7 at targets as far as 220 miles away using cheap metal slugs. At the moment, the only ships that are capable of powering them are nuclear powered.
Full Article
Eradicator on November 29 2007 05:01:08 · 33 Comments · 2585 Reads · Print
SG:Online, PunkBuster and everyone's favorite nutjob
GamesWarCry have a short Q&A about the upcoming StarGate MMO.
Its talks about their cover system, which is sounding very Gears of War-ish... I can only hope to, because GoW's was one of the best yet.
Heres two funny lines from it:

What this means is that a majority of our combat-driven spaces will have a high density of sentient beings with ranged weapons, otherwise known as bad guys with guns.

Another thing that sentient beings with ranged weapons tend to have a great passion for is avoiding being shot by other sentient beings with ranged weapons...

Game Politics has a short article about everyones favorite wacko, Mr Jack Thompson. A Florida court is looking to have him dis-bar-ed (That means he won't be a lawyer again). The basis of the case is his conduct in court in regards to the computer game industry.
Check it out here.

And for those that suffer from CoD4 issues, there is a few articles on the Steam Forums that might help.
PunkBuster requiring a Port Forward to work correctly.
Grim's post about removing Steam In-Game chat worked for me. But you also might want to remove the following:
ATI Tray Tools
Game Accelerator
Team Speak Overlay
Ventrilo Chat Overlay

And also NOD32 (Anti-Virus) is now thinking that the game's .exe files are virus's...
So make sure you add an exception if you are using it, or it might end up deleting the files...

In my view, PunkBuster has RUINED Call of Duty 4. Its an out-dated program, was used back with GameSpy.... and that fell out of public use years ago.

Oh, and SoF:Payback is being released in Australia with an MA15+ rating after it was "tweaked" (raped) for Australian users.
Less blood.
Less rag doll.
LDM on November 28 2007 05:50:50
22 Comments · 1911 Reads · Print
Game News and the best break-in ever!
NewsAs a follow up to my earlier post, here is a link to a Q&A with Eidos on the new Dues Ex. Its kinda short, but fairly informative.
Check it out here!

Team Fortress 2 has some new achievements coming out soon. Aparently there will be a large focus on expanding the medic's achievements.
Click me for more information.

And the best story of the day.
A group have watch makers and building restores have been breaking into the Pantheon in Paris for over a year, in order to restore the clock to its former glory.
The clock has been neglected since the 60's, and the group broke in, night after night, for a year to restore the clock in a small workshop they made for themselfs in the roof, including furniture, electricity, and a computer on the net.
Security guards never caught them, and a ticket officer who has worked there for years, never even knew.
They are part of a larger underground network in Paris that restores old buildings, conducts concerts in various off limits and forgotten areas, and just generally sneaks around being all cool and stuff.
Check it all out here.
LDM on November 27 2007 07:05:04
21 Comments · 2296 Reads · Print
Interview with David X. Cohen of Futurama
MoviesFound this interview with David Cohen (Fry) about the upcoming Futurama movie releases.

First one is titled 'Bender's Big Score'. Later the movies will be edited down into 16 individual episodes. So think of it as watching a Futurama season in 4 movie length episodes!

They're also direct to DVD, so we should be able to get our paws on them quicker than our crap laggy commercial TV stations do.

Full Interview HERE
Eradicator on November 27 2007 05:46:42
21 Comments · 2121 Reads · Print
DE3 and Robocop....
GamesDues Ex 3 announced and already in production!
This link shows the already made site and a small teaser trailer!
Can't wait.
Loved the first one, it was a massive step forward

And this video on VideoSift shows a fairly decent exo-skeleton.
Looks like a cross between a possible Robo-Cop, Master Chief, Matrix 3 robot thing...
Check it out if you dare!
LDM on November 27 2007 00:18:49
18 Comments · 2298 Reads · Print
First video of the Optimus keyboard in use
HardwareClick here for the video

This is sure looking awesome.
oodLes on November 22 2007 14:31:08
21 Comments · 2155 Reads · Print
Firefox 3 beta 1 out
SoftwareFor the Firefox fans out there, Mozilla has released the first beta of Firefox 3.

I've given it a quick test already. There are a few minor improvements to the GUI and some new features, but most of the improvements in FF3 are under the hood with a total of 11,000 bugs fixed and over 300 memory leaks plugged.

Version 3 will use the Gecko 1.9 rendering engine, and from I've seen already it renders pages a lot quicker and uses up less memory (in my test of 53 open tabs, FF2 used 170MB, FF3 only 125MB) and is more responsive than FF2 with all those tabs open. In addition, Gecko 1.9 uses the open-source vector graphics library 'Cairo' to deliver hardware accelerated rendering!

You can read the full set of improvements HERE
And Firefox 3 beta 1 can be downloaded HERE

Only problem is that most extensions don't work at the moment. Of the 46 odd extensions I have less than 5 worked, a few more were just disabled as their update source wasn't "secure". Something I need to look into for the r. forum menu extension, because for FF3 all add-ons need to have an SSL secured update source or the extension needs some funky hashing put into it's code. Fun!
Eradicator on November 22 2007 03:18:30
18 Comments · 2021 Reads · Print
Rainbow Six: Vegas 2
GamesThey have announced the sequel to Rainbow Six: Vegas.
As the name suggests, its going to be set mainly in Vegas, and will follow directly on from the cliff hanging ending in number one.

They are putting alot of effort into the multi-player of it to, with the usual suspects of Death Match, Team Deathmatch, some sort of objective based one.
But, Coop is where it is at.

They are going to push the graphics, physics and anything they can.
Personally, I can not wait for this, I really want to see how this fairly well done Single Player campaign goes... but I will have to wait, another 100ish days till its out in Mid-March of '08.

Heres the full story.
LDM on November 21 2007 04:20:43
18 Comments · 1996 Reads · Print
Still Alive - Unplugged
MusicEveryone loves Portal, and everyone loves the song.
Well, here it is played live by the same guy who wrote it.

Check it out and sing along.
LDM on November 20 2007 01:07:04
21 Comments · 2120 Reads · Print
SBS to make Australian Top Gear
NewsIt seems SBS is the first station outside of Britain to get the rights to create an international version of Top Gear. I'm pessimistic about it as I can't see them being able to get access to the insane amounts of cars Top Gear does. In the end it better not end up being another "The Car Show".

qube on November 19 2007 08:28:37
16 Comments · 1986 Reads · Print
Episode 2 Stat's
Generic Steam NewsValve has compiled some stats on people's playing habits during Half Life 2: Episode 2.
Check it out here.

For example, (Stats taken from people who participated in the survey, not ALL users.)
Over 489,183 sessions have been played with an average time of 27 minutes.
Only 8.84% of people have played through with Creators Commentary enabled, which is a pity, because its really good.
And it takes the "average" person 6 hours and 12 minutes to finish it.

What really caught my eye though, was the density maps of where people died.

One that I thought was quite good, was when you get the Car for the first time, and are required to jump it over a bridge.... lots of people died.... :)
Direct Link to image.
LDM on November 19 2007 01:43:05
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