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Maxtor ships Exteneral hard-drives with Viruses preloaded
HardwareMaxtor's china based factory has recently sent out a batch of "Maxtor Basics Personal Storage 3200" External drives with the virus Virus.Win32.AutoRun.ah already loaded on them.

The Virus.Win32.AutoRun.ah virus searches for passwords to online games (mainly WoW) and sends them back to a home base in China. Presumably for gold farming purposes. It can also disable virus protection and delete other viruses without too much trouble.

If you've bought one of these, call Seagate with your serial number.
oodLes on November 13 2007 04:02:40 · 18 Comments · 2793 Reads · Print
More DJ-centric news. And screenies for UT3
GamesRecent news from Aspyr announced the release of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for the PC.

“Taking the Guitar Hero experience to the PC means that gamers can now enjoy rocking out wherever and whenever – in the living room, at the office, on the road or even over the holidays at that boring relative’s house.”

Also being released later this year for the Mac. Finally, the seventh game to get to the Mac, after Breakout..... Super Breakout..... Photoshop.... and others...?

For the wallet shredding price of of $80 USD you get the controller and game.
It even has online MultiPlayer!

And maybe with the power of the PC, they will be able to get over that HD lag they mentioned in the GoodGame review.

Also, new screenshots of Unreal 3 released.
Click here!
LDM on November 13 2007 00:38:24
18 Comments · 2128 Reads · Print
Limited Edition GH3 axes made from real guitars
GamesThis one's for DJ.

It seems a company called ArtGuitars has followed on with their KISS GH3 controller and are releasing some controllers that are made out of wood, so feel and weigh like a normal guitar and the images are chemically bonded to the wood.

The designs are of shred-legends Pantera and Southern rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd. Free Bird!

Click Read More for full article.
qube on November 10 2007 03:09:12
Read More · 18 Comments · 2169 Reads · Print
Transformers II to take 2 years and over $8 Million (trilogy?)
MoviesSomewhat old news but there's something I didn't know about, Transformers could be a "saga" or at least a trilogy.

Dreamworks and Paramount will reportedly spend 2 years producing Transformers II and spend over $8 Million just on the screen writing crew!.

Due to be released 26th June 2009. Read more to see the full article.
Eradicator on November 09 2007 13:40:45
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Three to four years of life left in the current console generation
GamesInfinity Ward president Grant Collier has opined that the next console generation wave will hit in around three to four years' time.

Describing the developer's Call of Duty 4 as the first game in the second wave of next-gen titles, Collier told Next Generation, "When the games first started coming out I remember thinking, 'oh my gosh, they look so realistic, they can't possibly get more lifelike than this..."

"...but then if you look at the games coming out now the photorealistic quality of them is so much higher that I'm kind of amazed."

"I definitely think we have another three or four years left in this cycle, with people making games for the next-gen platforms."

This comes after Nintendo boss Sotoru Iwata declared the typical four-year life cycle for games hardware as "too inflexible" for the Japanese giant - Nintendo won't make a new console until it's needed.

Collier additionally noted that Infinity Ward hasn't experienced any issues developing for PS3, something he puts down to the studio's "development philosophy".
qube on November 09 2007 10:41:29
20 Comments · 1907 Reads · Print
Source SDK Update!
Generic Steam NewsNews from Valve is that the latest Source SDK update contains the requirements for moding the latest releases of Episode 2 (Not that you would want to), Team Fortress 2 and Portal.

So expect some custom maps, model's, play mode's and tweak packs coming out soon for our new favorite multiplayer game.

And also a decent set of tools for Portal maps will no doubt unleash a torrent of new and cool custom maps for it.
And I dare say the portal gun in multiplayer perhaps????

I don't know how it would work, as if there was a portal on the ground infront of me, I wouldn't step there.

And in other Portal news, a new land speed record has been set of just over 18 minutes.
The video is linked over at Video Sift
LDM on November 08 2007 06:53:02
17 Comments · 1810 Reads · Print
Rebellion challenged by Soccer players
Team Fortress 2 NewsRebellion's TF2 side has been challenged by the Australian Counter Strike Soccer League.
We are yet to accept the challenge, but its a choice between Granary, Well and 2Fort.

It will be the first clan match we have had in Team Fortress 2, and we also have no tactics, so it will be interesting.

I think we can pull a hat out of a rabbit and win it.

LDM on November 06 2007 14:43:38
17 Comments · 2232 Reads · Print
[H]ardOCP do Gears of War performance
HardwareAnd the word is that DirectX10 plainly doesn't provide on what it promised, and the UT3 engine doesn't like antialiasing.

Click for full review. and discussion here.
oodLes on November 06 2007 14:36:53
17 Comments · 2846 Reads · Print
GameArena Team Fortress 2 Ladder goes live.
Team Fortress 2 NewsJust got an email from Game Arena giving the good news that the Team Fortress 2 ladder is going live at 6pm tonight!

At the moment, it 8 v 8 matches, and we have 8 members on the ladder team.

So we will be recruiting to get the numbers up so we have a buffer zone of players.

And at 6:01 I will be challenging a team up, not sure who yet, we shall see...... :)
LDM on November 06 2007 02:11:40
19 Comments · 1957 Reads · Print
Need for Speed™ ProStreet Demo Released
GamesGrab it from a source below and discuss it here.


oodLes on November 03 2007 15:09:33
30 Comments · 2455 Reads · Print
UT3 Beta Demo Released!
Unreal Tournament 3Its out, and its good.

Its a 700+Mb download from many sources, AusGamers has it so I'd recommend getting it from there. If you're interested in joining the UT3 side then make a post in the forums.
oodLes on October 13 2007 14:49:37
18 Comments · 1593 Reads · Print
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