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Orange Box Released
Generic Steam NewsThe Orange Box has been released overnight.
Which means Portal and Episode 2 are ready for YOU to play.
I finished Portal last night in 4.4hrs (According to Steam "length of time playing"), and that was with an hour break cooking dinner.

I was |-| close to taking a sick day today, and starting (and finishing) episode 2, but that will need to wait for 5 o'clock to roll around.

Not sure what else to say, it was oodLes and I's birthday recently, horray...

Well, it sure is a good time for games. Bring it on....
LDM on October 11 2007 01:05:09 · 36 Comments · 2062 Reads · Print
Clan Expanding
NewsThe clan is going to expand. We are in the midsts of getting the ground work done for a Team Fortress 2 team, updating the Recruitment Letter, Code of Conduct and forum rules.

This expansion is something I am really looking forward to. There are alot of great people out there with great skill, and I want to meet them. :)
At the moment, the Team Fortress 2 team is a trial run to see what goes wrong, then once we get the kinks worked out, we will likely expand into other games such as Gears of War (My favorite console game comes to PC) and maybe some RTS's or MMO's if the opportunity presents itself.

Would also like to give a shout-out to the Day of Defeat players.
Come 18th of February, the DoD:S side will be 2 years old. And as far as clans go, thats fairly old.

Still Here,
Still Strong,
Still Fighting.
LDM on October 07 2007 02:38:15
37 Comments · 2037 Reads · Print
Steam community out of Beta
Generic Steam News..And now open for everyone. Also under 'Customisation' in your SteamID profile you will soon be able to do custom CSS much like MySpace.
oodLes on September 20 2007 08:30:17
36 Comments · 1902 Reads · Print
Team Fortress 2 Beta
Team Fortress 2 NewsOut now if you've pre-ordered Orange box.

There's also some discussion about starting a team for it, if you're interested see this forum thread.
oodLes on September 20 2007 08:09:13
36 Comments · 2341 Reads · Print
End of a Season
DoD:SIt's the end of the GameArena Day of Defeat Source season. And as it comes to a close, we reflect on the season passed. We got up to 6th at one point. Then a 8 game loosing streak dragged us down to 15th.
We just beat SAW, which was a great boost for us. And have probably one of the last match's in GA.
10:00pm on Sunday, and the ladder closes 4:00am Monday.

If.... when we beat SDM we shall move up to 10th place, and meet our goal for what we wanted for the season.

Here's a quick rundown on some headlines that caught my eye recently:
1) John Howard went to a NRL awards dinner rather than meeting "The Bush" when he got in for APEC.
2) Bush said the following sentences in the same paragraph in a speech "We must not let North Korea advance their Nuclear program" and then "Why wouldn't you want Nuclear power, its GreenHouse gas free."
3) 22 Year old man was arrested after assaulting his dad by throwing a pack of Cheet-o's at his face.
4) Medal of Honor Airborne just released
5) Recent research has proved men like hot women (No.... its been proven)
6) Quake Wars demo out in a week

And thats all the news that happened in my browser history..... thats safe for posting.
LDM on September 05 2007 06:32:02
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We lost. Sadface
DoD:SWe got beaten by Rage in our GA Match on Cal Coire.
It was annoying as its making our losing streak longer and longer.
I think we are in a point in the ladder now where everyone below us we can beat. And with some hard work and solid strats we should be able to get up in there.
We are not Vulnerable and can get challenged soon, so stay tuned and get some prac in.

Oh, and people seem to be freaking out over Bio-Shock.
That's out soon.
LDM on August 16 2007 15:34:32
38 Comments · 2186 Reads · Print
GA Ladder
DoD:SWe had our match with in.Agony on Sunday, and didn't do well at all. Something around 600-60 at a rough guess.
Not to make excuses but I was shaped, and lagging and warping, got kicked by VAC Twice in the game.... don't know why. And as such, I couldn't use Vent.
Tjoobie's PC decided to restart, and Aryillion's net decided to not work at the time.

But, thats in the past. And rage has been challenged, waiting to hear their response.
Maps challenged on are Thunder, Donner, Cal_Coire.

Thats all the news I can think to post.
Have a Jolly Happy Day Chaps.
LDM on August 14 2007 05:03:25
17 Comments · 1694 Reads · Print
Games and News
DoD:SWe had two scrims with United Intent and beat them in both.
Both games were played on Cal Coire due to UI having a war against Denial coming up on it.
First match took place on the 6th, and we won 434-114.
Second match was today on the 8th, and we won 319-263.

Thanks to Tjoobie for the strats, they worked a treat, and for everyones 110% efforts they put in.
Good Luck to UI for their match.

And due to some comments I have heard, I made a replacement audio pack for the Victory Music. Instead of 21 second long marching band, there is a short "Allies Win" and "Germans Win" voiced by my house mate Dave.
The music gets in the way of important things, like the screams to be heard in Bonus Kill time.
LDM on August 08 2007 16:12:32
38 Comments · 1954 Reads · Print
Steam Community Is Live
Generic Steam NewseTp mentioned to me that it is up and running. So I quickly created a Rebellion Team.

And as you can see, you can access it via the web, or through Steam itself.

As people come on-line, if you haven't downloaded it yet you should go to View -> Settings and change "Beta Participation" to Opt In for beta's and I will invite you into the group.

So far I have setup the team, scheduled and event for tonight, made eTp player of the week, posted an Announcement and am waiting in the Rebellion Chat.
LDM on August 07 2007 05:01:10
18 Comments · 1629 Reads · Print
Unreal Tournament 3
Unreal Tournament 3LDM has just recently posted in the forums regarding Unreal Tournament 3. Well, here's the official news. [r.] will be starting a UT3 online side upon release of the game in Aus, or at least when there are Australian servers available.

The official current release date according to the guys from Epic themselves is November this year so that gives everyone plenty of time for upgrades and such before the games official release. At present however after a quick read around the UT3 official forums shows that it will run better on Dual not quad cores, and that DX9 & 10 will be supported, so you don't have to go to Vista.

There will also be support for mouse & keyboard on PS3's, so if you don't want to spend $800 on a videocard, grab a PS3 which will obviously have dropped in price by November.
oodLes on August 06 2007 15:18:34
41 Comments · 2432 Reads · Print
Welcome and Hello.
DoD:SHello all and welcome to the new look, and new functioning Rebellion Homepage.
Posting news is easy, so it will happen more often.
We have a downloads section, where we will be posting items of interest.
I just uploaded 3 new programs. NovaCap, NovaPlayer and FRAPS. Get them here.

To everyone, I say Sign Up here and the forums.
And BookMark this space.
LDM on August 06 2007 10:25:36
17 Comments · 2413 Reads · Print
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