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Posted by LDM on November 29 2007 23:53:20
In gaming related news, we may all rejoice, as the team that made Colin McRae DiRT, brings up Race Driver: GRID. (I was hoping for a small I, but no luck).
This next game, due out mid next year, is all about the race. Circuit AND Drift.
Taking place all around the globe, you spend more time in sexy looking cars barreling around sexy looking tracks that you will in the menu's, which is a step back from the Colin McRae games, where tuning the car was sometimes essential to a good lap time.
It will be running on DiRT Engine 2, so its going to look like awesome chips dipped in pwnsauce.
Its possible also that since the team involved used to make the Colin McRae games, that due to his death, there might not be any more.

And in wacky cool news, some dude has wasted his life!
Nathan Sawaya, a 33 year old ex-lawyer is now a Lego Artist, and one of his exhibitions is on tour in the US.
The link below shows off some of his art, including something smiler to reverse-goatse, and also my personal favorite, the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima.
Check it out here!
Although it must be said, the wacky looking town on a pedestal is awesome as well.
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