USB 3.0 coming your way
Posted by Eradicator on December 19 2007 05:45:47
First there was USB 1.0 & 1.1 which delivered 12Mbps, then 2.0 came along that delivers 480Mbps. Now the USB 3.0 spec is well on it's way towards being completed, which will allow for a theoretical bandwidth of 480Gbps, that's right, over a THOUSAND times faster than 2.0!

For comparison. 25GB of data on USB2.0 takes over 13 minutes, on USB3.0 takes 70 seconds!

It has a lot of other neat improvements like proper full-duplex transfers, unlimited data burst length without polling is allowed, speeding up long media streams while reducing the system overhead. Command queuing and native virtualisation support are there too, plus, an optical cabling option for the deep-pocketed ones.

So there'll be a lot less load on the CPU for USB transfers.

Full article and graph of USB3.0 timeline HERE
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