News Chomp
Posted by LDM on January 09 2008 23:56:24
First up is Valve being really really cool.
The Hardware survey they conduct every now and then not only goes towards them tweaking the program for the most popular hardware, and selling the stat's to Indian telemarketers, but it also gives us (The only people that count in this equation) FREE STUFF!
We get a free copy of Portal: First Slice (But only if you have a GeForce card, SUCKERS!)
If you have the best brand card in the world, then click here!
At the moment I am unsure if its new levels, or if its just the same old stuff, but I have a vague feeling it will be some different levels.

Now to Wii news, with a plethora of Combat Controllers for the Wii-mote and Nunchuck!
Click here to see them, I got no idea what the Airplane Controller does, but thats one sexy shotgun.

Last on the list is what looks to be some Microsoft propaganda, but turns out to be just a bit of a laugh.
Check out this children's book titled "Mommy, why is there a server in the house?"
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